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Welcome to AYSO Region 75 Volunteer Pages

Team Manager (Administrator)

Team Managers will be on the side of the field with the Players, Coach & Assistant Coach. These are the only individuals allowed in the technical area (Coaches Box)

Your Duties as a Team Manager

  1. Make sure team roster is complete, includes phone numbers and email addresses of the players jersey numbers and distribute to the parents.(In Blue Sombrero)
  2. Create a snack schedule (usually this is in alphabetical order) and distribute to the parents. Your snacks should include water for half-time, and a drink and snack for after the game. Be sure to bring ice in case of injury. You may want to call the appointed parent each week to remind them. If a parent cannot make their snack week, it is their responsibility to switch with another parent.
  3. Choose an appropriate team name that needs to be approved by the Regional Commissioner. 
  4. Organize your team for picture day Saturday,9/29, informing them of where and when to meet. Order forms will be available soon. It's my understanding is that you do NOT need to fill out anything if you are just getting the basic package. If this changes we will inform you asap. Due to the volume of players this year, it is very important that your entire team is there on time. We regret we are unable to wait for late arrivals.
  5. If your team decides they want sweatshirts, you will need to collect the money (I suggest you do this before you order them) order and distribute them. The team should decide on the color and some type of logo for their team.
  6. Organize a party at the end of the year. If the team decides to buy the coach a gift, you will collect the money and purchase the agreed upon gift.
  7. Feel free to ask the other parents for help maybe as Team Parent Coordinator. It’s a job that can be shared.

Team Parent Coordinator

Team Parent Coordinators will be on the side of the field with parents and spectators.

Your Duties as a Team Parent Coordinator

1.  Assist the Team Manager and coordinate tasks on the spectator side of the field.

2.  Help organize a party at the end of the year. If the team decides to buy the coach a gift, you will collect the money and purchase the agreed upon gift.

3.   Feel free to ask the other parents for help. It’s a job that can be shared.


All AYSO Volunteers must register as a volunteer each year with AYSO's national online registration program, in Blue Sombrero. DO NOT USE eAYSO TO REGISTER A PLAYER.The Blue Sombrero registration process is required by child protection policies implemented by AYSO and many other youth sports organizations.

AYSO is a volunteer-powered organization. 

Volunteer Registration and Certification Requirements


All AYSO volunteers (coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, parent coordinators, referees, field monitors, board members, etc) must register as a volunteer each year. This annual registration is required as part of the many steps AYSO takes to adhere to the appropriate policies and regulations that concern volunteers who work with children. The registration site, is maintained by Blue Sombrero.

AYSO has recently introduced electronic signature capabilities that will make volunteer registration MUCH EASIER. As a returning volunteer, you will no longer be required to print your volunteer registration forms and submit them to the region. You only need to update/verify your registration information, electronically “sign” the document on the Blue Sombrero website ( and you’re done.

Volunteers that are new to AYSO or that have never before registered as a volunteer at Blue Sombrero ( must click Register Now and select Volunteer Registration MY2018.  

The process is straight-forward once your login to the Blue Sombrero website. Additional information on how to register as a volunteer can be found on our site If you have any issues with registration, please contact the Registrar at [email protected] .


In addition to annual registration, AYSO requires each volunteer to be properly certified for the job they will be performing during the season. For ALL volunteers, including Team Managers, this requirement includes AYSO’s Safe Haven training which covers basic safety and health information policies. Coaches must be properly certified as coaches for their division (U6, U8, etc.) and volunteers who wish to become referees must take the Basic Referee Course (at a minimum).



AYSO offers Safe Haven Training as an online course. For those of you that need to complete your Safe Haven Training, this can be a very quick and easy way to get it done. The course can be found on the website. Called “AYSOU is the last tab on our home page. Once you enter the site with your AYSO ID, click on "My Courses" and you should see " AYSO's Safe Haven" under the topic SAFE HAVEN. Once you complete the course online, your certification will be attached to your online record automatically.


AYSO recently introduced training on the topic of concussions. The course uses information from the "Heads Up: Concussion in High School Sports" initiative developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Like Safe Haven, the course is offered online on the AYSO Online Training website, AYSOU.. It is under the SAFE HAVEN topic and is called "AYSO CDC Concussion Awareness". Our regional policy requires all volunteers (coaches, referees, field monitors, team administrators, etc.) complete the Concussion Awareness course.


To maximize our region’s compliance with AYSO national requirements for volunteers, we enforce the following policies:

  • Registration: ALL coaches, referees, and team managers, team parent coordinators and board members must be registered at Blue Sombrero for the current season.
  • Safe Haven Certification: ALL coaches, referees, and team managers, team parent coordinators and board members must be Safe Haven Certified.
  • Coach Specific Certification: ALL coaches must be properly certified for the division they plan to coach. For example, a coach that is planning to volunteer in U10 must have a U10 Coaching Certification. Coaching certification for a different division will not satisfy this requirement. Any coach that has not satisfied the requirements above will NOT be assigned to a team in the fall. Additional detail on Coach Certification, including a list of clinics offered in our region can be found on our Coaching page.
  • CDC Concussion Awareness: ALL coaches and assistant coaches in all divisions must also complete the AYSO CDC Concussion Awareness training. Once you complete the online training, you will not have to repeat the course in the future.
  • Referee Specific Certification: ALL referees must be certified by taking, at a minimum, the Basic Referee Course. This requirement is in addition to the registration and Safe Haven requirement listed above for all volunteers.
  • Volunteer Point Allocation: ALL Referees, Field Monitors, or other volunteers earning points must be registered in Match-Track for the current season AND be appropriately certified to allocate points. The system will not allow you to allocate your points if the system does not indicate that these requirements have been met.


 Team Fundraising Rules

This can be a little confusing. If so please email [email protected]  if you need assistance 

This page summarizes the rules which need to be observed in fundraising for teams with which you are associated. Fundraising is defined as solicitation of funds or engaging in profit making activities to obtain funding or benefits for a team or members of a team (including coaches). It does not include routine requests for or taking advantage of discounts from suppliers made available to all members of a team.

The fundraising rules below relate to voluntary contributions. To the extent there is any conflict between the guidelines and the rules below, they will be resolved by the Regional Commissioner, the Regional Treasurer or the Regional Post Season Director.

1.     Categories of Fundraising

Fundraising falls into three categories:

o    Fundraising for the Region.

o    Fundraising for a team.

o    Fundraising for a player.

It should be remembered that all teams are the Region's teams. They do not belong to any coach or sponsor. Priority will be given to fundraising for the Region. However, we recognize that, especially for teams which may undertake significant travel or participate in numerous tournaments, fundraising for that team may be more effective. The following rules are intended to ensure that fundraising for the Region's teams is handled in an appropriate manner.

2.     Approval Required

Participation in Tournaments

The Post Season Director, or if he or she is unavailable the Regional Commissioner, must be notified in advance of participation in any tournament. Please note that special rules can apply, especially for teams participating in tournaments after the Area/Section All Star tournament.

Fundraising Projects

All fundraising projects in the first two categories must be approved in advance by the Regional Commissioner or his designee. A copy of AYSO National's Guidelines will be made available to all persons involved in fundraising. Fundraisers' attention is drawn to the rules concerning sponsor logos. The Regional Commissioner or his designee must be informed of any agreements or conditions to which a donation is subject. Donations subject to conditions deemed unacceptable to the Region will be returned to the donor. Approval is not required for fundraising where the solicitations are limited to the immediate families of the team members and coaches

3.     Handling Funds

All funds raised by teams must be deposited into and disbursed from the Region 75 Tournament Team account. No exceptions are permitted.

Handling Receipts.

A person responsible for fundraising must make a full accounting of all cash receipts and checks. Checks must be made payable to "AYSO Region 75" All cash and checks received must be turned over promptly to the Regional Commissioner or the Regional Treasurer with an itemized list of donors. All mail enclosing donations must be sent to the Region's address (P.O. Box 5463, Whittier, CA 90607) and all solicitations requesting donations must request that donation checks be mailed to that address.

Handling Expenses.

Wherever possible, payments of expenses are to be made by Region check direct to the supplier upon presentation of an invoice with adequate supporting detail. If an individual seeks an expense reimbursed by the Region, that individual must present a receipt (except if the amount of the expense is less than $5) and (in all cases) adequate supporting detail.


4.     Donor Identification and Tax Receipts

Donors and their relationship (if any) to any player must be identified to the Region in writing, except where the fundraising consists of the sale of products or services.

Donations for the players, as opposed to donations for the Region, are not deductible for tax purposes as charitable contributions. No tax receipts will be given by the Region for such donations and no representation is to be made concerning the deductibility of such donations. Whether a donation is deductible as a business expense is a matter for the donor with which the Region shall not be concerned. A receipt may be provided for a donor requesting one, but such receipt will make clear that it is not a charitable contribution tax receipt.

Tax receipts for donations to the Region will be given and, to the extent required by law, indicate any value received by the donor. Under no circumstances may anyone other than the Regional Commissioner or the Regional Treasurer provide a tax receipt to a donor.

5.     Fundraising for Individual Players

Fundraising for individual players is permitted. For example, gifts from family and friends to pay for registration and tournament fees, uniforms, balls, travel expenses and accessories (sweatshirts, bags, warm-up suits, etc.) are not subject to these rules. However, it must be made clear to the donor that he or she is giving to an individual or his or her family and not to AYSO or any Region of AYSO and that no advertising relating to the sponsorship shall be permitted. Tax receipts will not be given for these types of donations.

6.     In General

These rules generally are to be interpreted flexibly and with common sense; exceptions and dispensations should be requested from the Regional Commissioner or the Tournament Teams Committee. However, no exceptions can be made to the rules relating to handling and accounting for receipts and expenses.

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