Whittier AYSO 75

     2015 Fall REGISTRATION

As of June 15th the Waiting List began. We do this because of the 700 plus applicants already in the system. Once they are placed on a roster and if there is room for additional players in certain divisions we will notify you by email with further information. You need to be patient and wait until you are contacted.

Your next question may be, Ok so when can I expect to be contacted after I email the registrar after completing my part?

Answer: Once you have completed all the information requested by the registrar and a space becomes available,you are put in numerical order on to the waiting list



Ok, Now that the last five walkup registration days have come and gone, how do I register my child?

Go on line to www.eayso.org

Apply on line NOW, do not wait any longer

Print out the complete application including the E-Signature and the Concussion Form

Please take your time completing the application, if you rush through you will miss vital information (e-signature & concussion form)

If you have any issues applying on line contact the eayso help desk at (800) 872-2976

Once completed just email the registrar with your child’s name and ID number at registrar@ayso75.org

The registrar will respond to you as soon as possible and only to those that have applied on line and emailed her.

Remember you must go on line first, complete the app, print out the app with the concussion form and wait for the registrar to respond with further instructions

Teams are being formed NOW

You will be contacted in the order your email is received by the registrar

The registrar’s job is to properly place a player in the system not on a team

You need to contact the proper person for other questions

Check out the Q & A at the top of this page

Or email


At this time the Registration Fees are as Follows:

For U-7 thru U-19

1st Player $150, 2nd $140, 3rd $90, 4th $80, 5th $70

For U-5 & U-6

$110 per player



      Thank you,

Mike Sasso

        Whittier Region 75 Commissioner

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