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2015 Fall Registration

Information for sign ups
coming soon
(Check back with us on March 31)

Dear Parents and Volunteers,

Fall registration is just around the corner. I will be giving you a quick summary of what is needed on your part to make registration as easy as possible for you and for us to get you in and out of the walk-up registration as quickly as possible.

  • We will post all the complete information needed to register your child(ren) for the 2015 fall season on our website www.ayso75.org by March 31, 2015.
  • You will be able to apply online for player registration and Volunteer registration on or after April 1, 2015 and NOT before. ALL returning players and Volunteers MUST register at the beginning of each new season. Players that are brand new to Region 75 or did not play in the 2014 fall season at our region need to sign up as a new players.
  • If you’re a returning player and or volunteer from the 2014 fall season (Not spring) you must go in to eayso and update your information.
  • We are awaiting approval from National for us to take credit cards online to pay for registration. However you must register all of your children that the same time to qualify for the discounts if applicable.
  • Once you sign up on line you will need come to one of the scheduled registration dates with ALL the required paperwork;

April 26, Early Bird Special Only   1st Player $110, 2nd $100, 3rd $90, 4th $80, 5th $70

May 3      1st Player $120, 2nd $110, 3rd $90, 4th $80, 5th $70

May 13    1st Player $130, 2nd $120, 3rd $90, 4th $80, 5th $70

June 7   Late Registration    1st Player $150, 2nd $140, 3rd $90, 4th $80, 5th $70

June 14   Final Late Registration   1st Player $150, 2nd $140, 3rd $90, 4th $80, 5th $70


On June 15 the Waiting list begins You would sign up as an applicant online and wait to be called when a spot becomes available or if a volunteer steps forward and coaches a newly formed team.


All of the info in this email will also be available on our website (March 31) www.ayso75.org 

  • We highly recommend you taking advantage of our EARLY BIRD SPECIAL on the first registration day April 26. Not just for the discount fees but also because the Waiting lists may start earlier then June 15 in certain divisions based on the number of coaches that volunteer for the fall season.
  • If you can’t make it to the Early Bird Registration, then send an adult member from your family in your place with ALL of the completed paperwork to the first registration to receive the Early Bird Special. You MUST have ALL the information necessary to be registered otherwise you will only be an applicant in the system and may not be placed on a team until it’s complete.
  • You MUST complete the E-signature and Concussion portions of the application on line. After signing up on line if your paperwork is not complete you will be notified by the Registrar as soon as possible as to what you may be missing by email. Please make sure you have provided us a good email address and phone number, also keep checking your spam folder for some stray email that occasionally may be there.


  • We understand that there are many of our local families that may not have email and or internet access. For those families Registration flyers will be going out to the schools soon and we are asking the City permission to display our registration banner at the local schools.  Our contact information is at the Whittier Community Center Uptown. We will also have a very limited number of computers available at registration days. The wait may be very long.


  • There will be a follow up to this email on March 31 as a reminder.


      Thank you,

Mike Sasso

              Whittier Region 75 Commissioner

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